April 23, 2018 by TheArchiveGuy
You may not know me, and that is fine. I am the current owner of this website “Lunar Children”. Some of my friends knew people a part of this cult. I wish to help them out by reconstructing this website. I discovered this server in a fishery that had no power. Hell, the system must of been running on battery power or something. Wires were coming out of the ground connecting to the server room. I must of done something wrong cuz as soon as I got the server home, most of the files were lost or encrypted. I also linked another domain to this one by the name of “johnisdead.com” which also acted strange once I got this server home… It’s been a long day, just finding this thing was a hassle. I will post the encrypted files here for anyone to solve. I see am getting some traffic, so if anyone is able to solve anything, send me an email to “pididoip@johnisdead.com”. I will be uploading some files once I get my Internet working better. fucking 10 MBPs right now…
June 23, 2016 by Douglas P
April 30, 2016 by Ezekielthoth33
If anyone is still out there
This is not the owner of thoths account, but I think I may honestly be the last one here to do anything. I don’t know what happened to everyone, but something went really wrong after 4/23. Way worse than 11/11. And they were trying to keep it all shut up, but failing to get to Tyler a second time seems to have made some very important people very angry, and judging by the amount of people who are just outright gone from existence, I think it goes without saying who these people are. But for quite some time lots of stuff has been going to shit. Those forums for example, were a very nasty way of trying to sweep our horrible mistake at the fishery under the rug. Those souls may never find true rest while trapped there, stuck in the same place in time, thinking they are still in that dreary building. The abnormalities in this place have no doubt been a side effect of their suffering.

That being said this may end up being the last activity anyone sees from this blog from anyone who is still… well… human I guess you could say. If any activity happens after this at all for that matter, and if it does I do not want to see it. I thank god for every moment I have managed to live through these horrors, and I am sure worse is still to come. If you see this, for your own safety I beg you, do not come back here. Do not attempt to contact anyone in relation to this group or anything in relation to this group.

Goodbye and to any old friends if you are alive, I am so sorry.
April 24, 2016 by Ezekielthoth33
Father why have you forsaken us!? Luna why have you left us? What have we done wrong? Why were we unable to get to him at the most crucial time once more? Is this not what you wanted Father?! Why are we now being punished?! WHERE ARE YOU FATHER!? WHERE ARE YOU VINCENT!? LUNA WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO US!?
April 23, 2016 by Douglas P
.. .. ..
It is time for Her to feed
March 2, 2016 by Ezekielthoth33
Glory to Luna my brothers and sisters! The Harbingers Link has been taken back to his original place of living at long last and soon there will be another chance for us to preform the rites! Our salvation is truly at hand and at last we will become angels and masters of this and all worlds! Near the end of april is when we must be prepared to make our move!

Until then we must do what we can to find Matt, he has not been seen since the November black out and he is a crucial part of what is to come! Just as well if anyone has seen douglas report to an elder immediately, he has not spoken to anyone or been seen for much too long. Finally, Saint is not to be spoken of until further notice, he is a traitor and seeks to do the unthinkable. This is all we know as he has escaped our sight, for now.
March 1, 2016 by Ezekielthoth33
Everyone come immediately to the top floor of the spire!
Father Vincent has an important announcement for us all!
November 30, 2015 by Ezekielthoth33
what there is to know as of right now
I am keeping this private for the time being so only elder children can see this, I dont know whats happened to Mathew, and all our contact with the harbingers link has gone dark, WHY THE FUCK DID WE LET HIM DO IT!? WHY DID WE LET HIM GET AWAY???? Either way there is no need to worry, its only a matter of time before Regiminis gets to him when he connects to the web. Also someone be sure to talk to Hunter about what happened with the necklace, that was our fucking ace in the hole, I dont understand how it got back into our hands like that but just letting the harbinger yank him out of here with it was a fucking mistake.
November 12, 2015 by Ezekielthoth33
Set all communications to private until we can establish what is going on
I had to post this here because your forum is a complete wreck at the moment saint!
November 11, 2015 by Ezekielthoth33
He is no longer in his holding area at the fishery! I have been informed he uploaded a video from his home earlier today. There is little time, and we must hurry and move in on his location! Anyone with the capability to move in for capture, do so at once!
November 11, 2015 by RodneyR
Undecim Nocte 2015
Today is the day my brothers and sisters, I shall be away at the holy place of our past, but in the mean time banquets shall be held here at the spire. Celebrate everyone for the glorious time of Mothers descent is nearly upon us! -Operator
November 6, 2015 by liquidsaint
Sorry everyone about the problems with the newest forum
Well aside from that I am aware there are other errors and what not as well as a range of new users (not that this is a new issue) and I promise I am doing my best to work on it. To those who were banging on my door about it earlier as well, yes the IRC is now working. I am doing my bloody best chummers! I swear to all of you.
November 2, 2015 by liquidsaint
Update November 2nd
To everyone, I just want to thank you all again for keeping such a close eye on me, it has probably stopped a lot of complications. Now on point, I just wanted to announce the upcoming festival in 10 days and remind everyone to start getting ready, our actions with the harbingers link are coming to an end it seems. I will continue my various work as well, I don’t know why you have all decided to start taking the piss out of me as of late but I am not seeing any of these pages in my admin panel, none the less I suppose it will just have to be looked into.
October 8, 2015 by Thoth
On the harbinger links recent broadcast
As we predicted Regiminis is becoming stronger and stronger, and the Harbingers link continues to be none the wiser of his presence thanks to the Fathers power, however at this point I personally have to wonder, is it that maybe he just fears that anything beyond his pitiful normal life may be transpiring, and seeks to deny such a thing? Pitiful unenlightened fool. “Camera glitches” he calls them, HE FEARS THE TRUTH!

But to our own benefit honestly, his ignorance keeps him predictable. For those who have been keeping watch of his misguided “vlog” and were confused by the message Regiminis transpired, I personally feel the “Some have to knock to exit their realm, not us” bit may have just been a jab at Douglas in light of the small rivalry they once held. Father Vincent must now also have his eye on him as well seeing as I saw what looked like his mask near the end of the message. But I am unsure who those other green spirits were, most likely just overflow from the portal.

Continue your studies my brethren, the holy time is nearly here!
September 11, 2015 by MattR
My Apologies
I wish to apologize to everyone for the error in my prior actions, I wish only to keep us at prime in our quest to attain enlightenment and reach full and true ascension to our Mother Luna. I have truly learned the error of my ways after fathers punishment and am grateful that I have been left with this life so that I might finish my mission to help us all on our way from this world to the next. That being said, I am aware that Tenebris is not predictable. However I am also aware that Tenebris has found himself connected to the deuro as his spiritual avatar.

This was not as originally planned, without his full power the portal has been in chaos with no one to govern it, and for our benefit and the completion of the coming Ceremony of the 3 elements on Undecim Nocte, Regiminis must hold Duero as his avatar. We now hold the power of the Harbingers, and can effect this reality as they once could thanks to Tenebris actions and my own. To liberate myself and return my honor in the eyes of all of us, I promise we shall make great use of this power, and we shall set things as they were always intended to be. On Wednesday, upon conformation that we in fact had control of the power, I used the power to further awaken Regiminis so that he may begin physically manifesting and drawing power from the surroundings of the harbinger links place of dwelling. As soon as we discover how, we shall separate Tenebris from the deuro and things shall be made right once more. I swear to you this my brothers and sisters. -Operator
August 15, 2015 by liquidsaint
Forum management
Just wanted to make the announcement that I am doing my best to try and work on the bloody errors on the forum, and I am aware of the strange appearing and disappearing posts as well as the odd time stamp issue. I am honestly not quite sure what it is all about. I also wish to thank you all, who have been keeping a close on me, as I suppose it is good in these times to act with a bit of paranoia. Not only is it keeping me safe, but it also (as I am aware of the continued suspicion of me by some of you) helps you to understand I am truly just here for our collective benefit (I mean bloody hell why else would I be here, the flights were well over 1000 pounds) -LS
August 5, 2015 by Thoth
The elder childs act of hubris
Luna shine on us all my brothers and sisters, and may The Father guide us. I am posting in place of our Elder child Operator Matt, as he is still being reprimanded for what he did on Monday. Despite whatever Tenebris may have done for us, agree wholeheartedly he should have followed Fathers advice about communicating to him without a group of Elder children present or at least keeping a recording of the communications. You REALLY shouldn’t have done that Matt.

He was reprimanded once for his first revealed lone action, and he continued in secret despite being asked to cease these actions.Let this be a lesson to all of you as well, Tenebris Link is not a mere game for even the higher ranks, let alone initiates. If you feel you have held communications with him, report it post haste to an Elder child. As Father has told us, Tenebris can speak to us in confusing ways, and sometimes he may even tell you an outright lie. He is a trickster by nature and not to be taken lightly.

On a lighter note the banquette was fantastic on Monday despite the lack of presence on Matts part and all went very well, welcome from all of us to you Liquid Saint.
August 3, 2015 by liquidsaint
Here I come guys XD
Just left florida and finished up my business there. Just as well after a hell of a lot of bloody work, I have those forums finally completed and they are online now. By tonight I should be in ohio ( I am posting from the plane as we speak/type 0w0 ) So the forums are open and ready to go for anyone who wants to start using them for communications. IRC chat will still be optional for a bit as well so no need to forget about that, and letters will still be sent off to the shazbots and cavemen who have no internet or computer access for whatever reason. Luna bless us all ^^

August 1, 2015 by MattR
The Time is Near
My fellow children the time is is upon us and we must prepare for the arrival of one of our dearest brothers, on Monday, Liquid Saint shall arrive and I advise you all to prepare for the ceremony of his welcoming. There will be a banquette and offers made to Father Patrem and Luna to bring good blessings upon his time here. Just as well Father Vincent shall speak to us during the event to act as our medium in communications to The Father.

Just as well I personally receiving messages from you all know who. Despite his unpredictable nature it seems as I have stated before, he can be of great use to us. Brothers and sisters we may be receiving a great power upon completion of the forums in the next few days. -Operator
July 21, 2015 by liquidsaint
SKM explanation
I have been informed it is time for me to end all speculations on a certain matter. The blasphemer SKM. He is no more than that. He is not a member of the Harbingers ranks (implying they have any organization xp ) and there is no bloody hacker “group” and no I do not have any affiliation with him (am I really the only man in all of europe??? XD ) I and the other Elders have done a lot of research on him, and I can promise you he is acting alone. I have heard roomers that he is working alongside remainders of the misguided (for those who don’t pay attention, that old group that thought they truly knew Luna, ha losers XD

This is also untrue. He is literally nothing more than a jealous, lone blasphemer. Probably just trolling us. We still don’t know exactly WHO he is, but we can be sure he is of no importance beyond that brothers and sisters! ^^

July 7, 2015 by liquidsaint
I am on my way!
Just following up the last post to say I am in fact definitely getting ready to come to ohio as we speak, I will be stopping off in florida first to visit some family (stupid bloody wankers that they are, not being my true family and all =p ) as well as attend to the server in the fish house, and then I shall head straight to all of you in ohio. I am however, much more excited to be finally getting to come be with all of you! My true family ^^

July 5, 2015 by MattR
Good News
My fellow children a glorious time is coming, a glorious time indeed. One of our admins and fellow elder child, Liquid Saint is at long last going to be physically attending with us in our endeavors. It has been a hard year and our though our spiritual funds may be great our monetary funds have been lacking. At last though he can come to be with us under the holy roof of the spire.

I know many of you have been suspicious of him, a member who holds no physical contact with us, but he has contributed much to us, the construction of the portal, management of this website during the most horrible attacks from blasphemers, and the slow but soon to be completed reconstruction of our holy forums. However any and all suspicions should be over upon his arrival.
June 30, 2015 by Thoth
update 6/30
Luna shine my brothers and sisters! As usual, events proceed always in our benefit. I feel many of you have learned much from our prior moonlight meeting and just as well, many of you will soon be ready for higher teachings. Just as well, another congratulations to the ascensions performed on the night of the Father, may your spirits grant us knowledge.

June 23, 2015 by MattR
Password Changed
To all the uninformed members, ALL PASSWORDS HAVE CHANGED! Go ahead check your emails, the new password has been emailed to you. To those who choose not to use email, a letter will arrive shortly… I realize those who don’t have passwords cannot read this, so those that can, inform them about this update.

The forums are coming together quite nicely, thanks to the help of our loyal Liquid Saint! I have sent emails on how to get to the beta forums, but expect them to open up soon! -Operator
June 18, 2015 by MattR
Theme Update, Security, and Forum Progress
Matthew here, we recently updated our theme and layout of the main site, as well as some new security features. Our user database has been fixed once again as recent attacks disabled it. If you can’t login, your account has been compromised temporarily for your protection, however, you should not have any issues accessing your account. Security now requires you to update your password once you login. We expect you to use numbers and letters, as well as upper and lowercase and other characters. Our site will never go down again with our new security protocols!

About the forums, they are coming together quite nicely and should be up soon, so expect that soon! -Operator
June 17, 2015 by liquidsaint
Wanted to get this out right now since you have all been waiting for it so bloody long. Shame about that new guy, but as you all may already know (as I do very well) when it comes to “her”, sacrifices must often be made.

Link moved to archives.
June 17, 2015 by liquidsaint
General site changes and security improvement
Sup chummers it’s Saint here, to those who didn’t catch it in the recent meat space meetings and irc talks. The site recreation has been rather slow as of late due to the rise in needed meat space activity. Our big star aka the “Harbingers link” has required lots of observation as of late, and we can’t afford for him to take too much note of it. The last child with observation duty (yes we are talking to you Daniel) did a fantastic job leaving the beacon with him. Just as well, the task was also his trial to be worthy of the Parallelos path (We all saw your fantastic use of jumping in the video he decided to show to the harbingers, really good work to be fair XD ). However having been seen Daniel’s position in the observation task has been retired and it has been passed on to an elder member, who needs no introduction (You all know who I am talking about XD ).

On another important note, I have been told to inform you all of the fact that some skiddies have been worming there way through our drok. So new security measures have been taken, and the previous sign up area has been removed and will be re added when our screening process has been updated. Just as well the site login info will be regularly updated now as more outsider ip’s are noted by operator, so keep in the loop via meat sace and irc.

Thats all for now, some time later tonight operator is going to forward more of the recovered blood moon ritual to me (he explained that tenebris may have been trying to communicate in it so be hyped ^^ ) and I will put it up in a post for now and he can move it to archive later. -LS
May 28, 2015 4:45 am by MattR
Hey guys, working on getting up the terminology page tonight! It’ll include three terms tonight: Tenebris Link, Deuro, and The Absque facie. Remember to check up on those pages when they are done as they hold important information. -Operator

ps: Our member communication forums are on the backlog, but should be up in the near future!
May 27, 2015 3:37 am by MattR
Technical Difficulties
Due to technical difficulties, we have been going on and offline as of recent. We just secured our servers for the time being, nothing else should go wrong with father on our side. The archive was lost, around august of 2012 and we are just now rebuilding the new lunar children website. We will hold a ceremony at our holy place tonight as another milestone has been reached within this year! Expect new content soon children. -Operator